Register Your Child

We take child safety very seriously and this includes the images of the children in our care. Our duty to our young members is paramount and this form of publicity must be carefully monitored to ensure that it is consistent with the Data Protection Act 2018 and any other Data Protection Legislation.

For this reason, we have put the following guidelines into place:

  • We ask parental consent for MLS Football Academy to take and use photographs and videos of their children and for permission to use media to promote the club.
  • Photographs and videos will be taken in the presence of a coach at all times.
  • We will not publish any children’s names.
  • We will only use photographs and videos on social media and at times, in the local press.

I have read this Photograph/ Video Consent Form and I fully understand its meanings and implications for my child or children. Therefore, I consent to my child's or children's photographs and videos being taken and used.
I undertake not to prosecute or to institute proceedings, claims, or demands against MLS Football Academy in respect of any usage of the above-mentioned photographs and videos.

As in the UK, only children aged 13 or over are able to provide their own consent, a parent or legal guardian must sign this consent form. Please note that you can withdraw your consent at any time by informing the coach. Should you have any questions regarding this form please contact Vas Constanti on 07930985076 or Mayer Elias 07973 415625.

Upon registering you will be contacted confirming your child(s) attendance with payment details


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